Inquiry Project #4 Update

Hi guys,



So I think I should update you all on what I’ve been doing with my inquiry project on starting a business. I will provide a brief overview of everything I have done.


  • Make a Business Plan
    • Scratch Classes
    • 4 Levels of Difficulty
  • Make a Course Outline
    • Covers different areas of learning
    • Lists exact stages and learning skills
  • Make a Business Summary
    • Lists costs and potential profits
  • Attempt to Raise Funds to Cover Costs
    • Apply for jobs


I haven’t been able to do too much, but I do think I learned some valuable skills, like making a business plan, and potentially getting a job.

Inquiry Project 3 Summary

So this is the summary of my 3rd inquiry.

I made a few 3D models of some components for an analog computer. I attempted to print some out, however, this did not go too well, since the printer did not like my project as much as I did.

The main thing I did was design the main logic gates. I managed to create NOT, OR, & AND gates with specially designed pieces. These preformed basic logical functions, like taking two inputs and delivering one output based on each incoming signal.

I don’t exactly think that this project is anywhere near complete, however, I do not plan to pursue completion, due to the huge amount of time the project will take.

For my next inquiry, I plan to learn how to open and manage a small business, revolving around a Scratch tutoring class service.

Next Inquiry Project – Mechanical Computer

For my next inquiry project, I will be creating a mechanical computer.

I am planning to 3D print different mechanical logic gates, and assemble them to make a fully functional mechanical typing computer. It will work like a typewriter, except the text is displayed via 15-segment display boards, and it will also be capable of backspacing.

I am currently designing the components, such as the wires, supports, and logic gates, with a 3D editing program called ‘3D Builder’. The program is Windows’ default, and as it’s name implies, is primarily used for creating models for printing.

As the project progresses, I will upload photos and screenshot updates to my blog.

Inquiry For Art and Animation, Now Over

Hi guys!

So, the end of the second inquiry project timeline is here, and I have a few pieces of new art, and a small animation to showcase:


The animation could not be uploaded, due to technical reasons, but I could upload the individual frames, as you can see below:


On top of that, a few new pieces of artwork were created, as you can view here:

That’s all. Thanks!

New Inquiry (Classical Animation)

So, I came up with a new idea for an inquiry project! I am going to pursue classical animation!

This inquiry will include learning the skills of not only animating, but story writing and voice acting as well! This will definitely prove challenging, however, that is the goal of an inquiry, right?

Anyhow, good luck to me, ’cause I gotta use a wireless mouse to do the animating… (Yeah, this is going to be a long inquiry…)

Finished ‘(#004) Text Adventure – Mansion Trapped’

After days and days of long, tireless, and repetitive work, Mansion Trapped will be ready for it’s launch on the inquiry presentation day. Currently, it only needs some minor extra touches, such as some extra sounds and effects.

You can expect to see this game up on Scratch soon. When it has been published, I will provide a link to the game up on the main page.

That’s all for now. On behalf of the WolfScratch Team, thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy the upcoming game!

Working on ‘(#004) Text Adventure – Mansion Trapped’

WolfScratch’s very first official game is nearing completion. The Text Adventure Engine has been refit, the door and item layout has been documented, and the story has been written. All that’s left to do is to input the layout into the engine and add some details.

Now, that may have sounded a little bit confusing. In simpler terms, I’ve decided where all the rooms, doors, and items will go, and I’ve reprogrammed my engine so that it will work with this game.

Currently, I, Joseph, am the only programmer involved with this project. However, I am getting a hand from Thomas with the story, plot, and layout.

Here are a few early game screenshots: